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Full Metal Roof Replacements

• Asbestos removal and replacement
• Factory roof replacements
• Residential homes
• Braai rooms
• Carports
• Garage roofs

Waterproofing, box gutters, whirly birds offered as part of a new roof installation


Clean COLORBOND™ steel

Clean COLORBOND™ steel has been at the forefront of steel technology and product innovation for years. Clean COLORBOND™ steel continues to set new performance benchmarks. Through constant innovation, Clean COLORBOND™ steel is now Improved. The latest enhancement is an innovated pre-painted coating technology that is proven to keep your building cooler and looking newer for longer.

Clean COLORBOND™ Ultra steel


If you want long lasting attractive roof material that offers you excellent protection against severe environments, Clean COLORBOND™ Ultra steel is the only choice.

From severe coastal environments to severe industrial environments, Clean COLORBOND™ Ultra steel is one of the most effective building materials to combat these harsh environments, where there may be a smell of salt or salt spray in the air, approximately 100 to 200m from breaking surf. Similarly, the effects of industrial emissions (fumes and/or particulate fall out) are typically lessened 100 to 200m from the source.

Its coating consists of 55% aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% silicone and comes with a AZ200 coating which means that for every square meter of steel that there is a minimum of 200 grams of zinc/aluminium coating.

With the higher metallic coating mass and unique protective paint system, Clean COLORBOND™ Ultra steel is one of the most effective building materials available for harsh environments.

The zinc and aluminium metallic coating on Clean COLORBOND™ Ultra steel provides a barrier protection as well as sacrificial protection against corrosion.

The unique corrosion inhibitive primer in the paint system contributes to the superior corrosion resistance as well

The special formulation of the top coat paint system provides excellent dirt resistance

Superior paint performance that provides the ability to withstand colour fading

When you specify Clean COLORBOND™ Ultra steel, you not only benefit from BlueScope Steel’s steel making expertise, you also have peace of mind in that the guarantee is backed by a BlueScope Steel warranty.

Clean COLORBOND™ Ultra steel comes in colours such as:

Amazing White

Garden Route Green

Two Ocean Blue

Ore Grey

African Charcoal

Durable Cream


Its coating consists of 55% aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% silicone and was developed after extensive research into improving the traditional performance of galvanised iron.

Product Description and Features

Roof sheeting made from ZINCALUME® steel is available in a range of profiles. The zinc/aluminium alloy coating on ZINCALUME® steel imparts corrosion resistance of up to four times the life of galvanised steel.

One of the most thermally efficient roofing materials available today


BlueScope Steel offers a warranty of UP TO 25 years from the date of installation against perforation by weathering in the natural elements. Guarantees are subject to conditions. For more details go to www.bluescopesteel.co.za


HEAT STOP (Specialist Product)


Heat Stop is an innovative development in polycarbonate translucent roof sheeting. This product effectively eliminates 60% of the radiated heat of the sun, resulting in a cool shaded environment.

Heat Stop is a polycarbonate profiled extrusion, manufactured in South Africa, which has a co-extruded layer of UV stabilised surface protection on the weather side. Microscopic reflective particles are incorporated in the core material which create the silver colour and the reflective qualities of the product.

If an application for a translucent roof sheet or skylight requires a minimum heat build-up under the natural light panel – MODEK offers a polycarbonate solution. It should be remembered, however, that a lower level of light

transmission is achieved with Heat Stop. The appropriate surface area of translucent roof sheets must therefore be used to achieve the required interior light levels.

Heat Stop offers the following properties:

• All the excellent physical properties of polycarbonate.

• UV surface protection on weather side.

• Exciting new colour – silver.

• 20 % light transmission.

• It is available in 1 mm and 1.25 mm profiles: IBR Corrugated Nurib Grecca

• Price – the same as the normal tint price.


What is a “profile” ?

It is the shape of the roof sheet when you look at it from the edge-on

What profile should I use?

The pitch of your roof is the deciding factor. We usually decide the profile by measuring the pitch (or the fall) as below :

  • 5-8 Degree fall: IBR profile
  • 8+ Degree fall: Corrugated profile

Will the cut edges of the sheets nor rust?

These products are sometimes referred to as ‘self-healing’ because the zinc in the surrounding coating protects the newly exposed edge in the following way. In the presence of moisture, a reaction occurs between the zinc and the steel which results in galvanic protection of theexposed steel, thereby inhibiting corrosion. The degree of protection does depend on the thickness of the coating (amount of zinc) and this is taken into account when Building Standards are formulated.

When faced with a roof design which involves hips and ridges there will always be a significant amount of cutting that will need to be performed on site. We can merely cover the various techniques used in South Africa and offer the following guidelines when cutting Chromadek:

  • Nibbler: More suited to flatsheet material as opposed to profiled sheeting. Laborious and very slow. Produces cold slivers of steel with no heat damage.
  • Power shears: Not readily available in SA. Very costly. Offer extremely clean cut with no heat damage.
  • “Tin Snips”: More suited to flatsheet material as opposed to profiled sheeting. Extremely labour intensive and painstakingly slow.
  • Cold Cutting Steel Blades: Available from Youngman Roofing. Operated in circular saw. Offers incredibly clean cut with heavier chips of cold steel. Blade chips away material thus producing cold cut. Cost effective on medium sized projects.
  • Grinder Discs: Most commonly used method in SA. This abrasive form of cutting produces extremely hot filings and heat build-up. The resultant cut is usually slightly burred. Special precautions need to be taken when using this form of cutting:
    • Material should always be cut on the ground.
    • Colour side should face away from the approach of the blade. This prevents the filings being propelled against the colour coating.
    • Clean off all resultant filings from the material immediately after cutting.
    • Avoid sustained cutting in one area to prevent excessive heat build-up.
    • Attempt to always cut the end of the sheet which will be protected by an overlying flashing. Impossible at valleys!

Can the colour side of the sheet be installed to face inside ?

No. Performance of the product will be affected by the different film thickness and UV absorbance capabilities of the backing coat on roofing products, however, there are double-sided products available for applications where the reverse side will be visible.

Will cement plaster affect the Chromadek?

Chromadek is not recommended for immersion in wet cement as rapid corrosion and degradation of the alloy structure will quickly occur. Should splashing occur, the concrete should be removed immediately as dry concrete is difficult to remove without damaging the surface coatings. A few small splashes are unlikely to cause significant damage to the surface, however, our warranty does not cover failure of the roof in such circumstances.

Won’t a steel roof be hot?

No. In summer a lightweight roof made from steel causes less heat to be radiated into your home because it cools down faster at night. And in winter, the same steel roof, properly insulated, helps keep the heat inside. This can result in reduced cooling and heating costs.

How do I maintain my roof ?

Your roof needs to be washed (hosed) down periodically, the frequency depends on how many overhanging trees you have that may deposit leaves etc into your gutter and onto your roof. Lack of maintenance voids guarantees offered by most manufacturers.

Do you offer a maintenance plan / cleaning service?

Yes – This is usually done during March (just before the winter rains start) and we check the entire roofs’ waterproofing

What about insulation products?

We supply and fit a product called Alucushion with is heat, fire and noise retardant. See the link on our Products page.